Project: Who's the Mystery Person?

  Μάθημα:   Αγγλικά
  Τάξη:   A' class (advanced)
  Υπεύθυνη Καθηγήτρια:   κα. Γιαννοπούλου Ιωάννα, ΠΕ06           
  Σχολικό Έτος:   2012 - 2013  (Μάρτιος)



to practice the use of the Simple Past tense, to acquaint students with famous historical figures, to encourage students to use the Internet and their other school subjects as a source of information.

Realization of Project:

The idea for this project came from our textbook: Think Teen, 1st grade of Junior high school (advanced), page 48. Students were asked to think of two famous historical figures. Then, they had to write three clues for each person. They were asked not to reveal the name of their mystery person. They also had to add visual material to their work (a photograph, a relevant drawing).

All mystery people posters were hung on the school walls and a game was prepared. The mystery people’s names were written on small pieces of carton paper. Students were invited to attach the name plates to the matching mystery people during the school breaks! Finally, all mystery people entries were posted on the school website.

Let's play!

Admire our posters on the walls:



I would like to thank our IT teacher Ms Laspia for the absolutely wonderful presentation of this project in the “English Corner” of our webpage. I would also like to thank our art teacher, Ms Vasilakou for all her help.

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