Project: Celebrating Thanksgiving Day


  Μάθημα:   Αγγλικά
  Τάξη:   A' class (advanced) + C3 class (beginners)
  Υπεύθυνη Καθηγήτρια:   κα. Γιαννοπούλου Ιωάννα, ΠΕ06           
  Σχολικό Έτος:   2012 - 2013  (Νοέμβριος)



to inform students about the traditions of an English-speaking foreign culture, to enhance cultural understanding, to encourage students to cooperate smoothly inside and outside the classroom, to see students’ work presented on the school walls.

Initial Stage of Project:

Students were informed about Thanksgiving Day, the meaning and history of this holiday and how it is celebrated today.

Developing the Project:

Students were asked to think about what they are grateful for and write sentences. Their sentences were then corrected and copied on carton leaves. Later on, these were hung on a tree made of carton on the wall of our school. Others made “thankful turkey” handicrafts using construction paper.

Most students in their thankful notes wrote that they were thankful for having a loving family or wonderful friends. Some came up with more original ideas such as: “I am thankful to my school for teaching me what is right and wrong.”

Finally, the students of A5 class were asked to prepare a poster which would inform of the “meaning” of Thanksgiving Day. They prepared a poster stating the most important facts concerning this celebration and decorated it with a … turkey!



Completing this project was great fun for all those involved and it gave us all the opportunity to think about what we consider valuable in our lives.



The realization of this project would have been impossible without the  help and guidance of our art teacher, Ms Vasilakou. I would like to thank her for generously devoting her time to the completion of this project.

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